Friday, 22 June 2012

El Dandy Mega-Mini-Post

El Dandy v Antifaz del Norte (Monterrey 9/17/00)
--"A lengthy Dandy apuestas match from 2000? How come I've never heard of this?"
40 minutes later: "oh nevermind"
This only goes 40 minutes if you watch the pre-match interview/Antifaz weight training stuff, but even at like 33 minutes it can be a complete drag. Antifaz gets busted badly really soon, and by the time Dandy's...doing something to him (poking eye? pulling hair? JUST POINTING AT HIS HEAD?) you can pretty much see his entire face anyway. Kind of makes me think "who gives a shit if he loses his mask tonight now? we all fucking saw him." Dandy's buddy with the shitty-ass haircut, who if I understood the commentators right was Zumbido, was a shitty shitface shithead that was shitty at everything. He interfered a few times and just made the match longer with everyone standing around in confusion. I must have checked on my DVD player 15 times how long the match had until it was over. Shithead Zumbido sets up Antifaz on the top rope and literally turns around just waiting to be flipped. I could go on about this but I won't. It's just not really worth watching.

El Dandy v El Hijo del Perro Aguayo (AAA 8/31/02)
--I guess I expected more AAA clusterfuck bullshit, but this was surprisingly good. It pretty much went swimmingly like a good title match with Dandy getting help from other rudos and stuff. Finish was shitty, though, and it didn't exactly come deep into the third fall. If they had been let go for 10 minutes in the last fall this could have entered that "very good" territory, me thinks.

El Dandy v El Hijo del Perro Aguayo v Mr. Aguila v Electroshock (AAA 9/2/02)
--Aguila comes out to the DeGeneration X theme here and is almost a bona fide Jeff Hardy imitator. So each guy has to escape the cage separately know what? No. I will not talk about this. It. Was. Fucking. Bad. You will not watch this- say it with me, "I will not watch this." None of this "oh maybe different strokes" or "I want to watch everything talked about" or "I've wanted to watch some more Mr. Aguila so.." NO. Don't watch this. DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS.

El Dandy v El Hijo del Perro Aguayo (AAA 2/28/03)
--Looked ok. I say "looked" because I was more fixated on the watermelon I was eating. Wasn't long before this turned into a fuck of the cluster kind. Not as much as the stuff on the 1996 yearbook, but it's just confusing and unneeded. AAA was a shithole around this time.

El Dandy v Heavy Metal (AAA 5/3/03)
--"Bull Terry" match, and since they had chains tied to ther necks which connected each other, I can assume "terry" is Spanish for "collar" or something. I don't care. This wasn't good either. Death to Pena. {*} = NOTE

El Dandy/Super Crazy/Ultimo Guerrero v Nicho el Millionario/Damian 666/Halloween (LLA 7/11/04)
--Finally AAA fucks off and I can look at something really worth watching. Thank you Lucha Libre Azteca. This won't stick out with great trios, but it def sticks out on a disc of shitty AAA. Is pretty much a really cool 90s trio match. Super Crazy looked pretty awesome in the exchange with Damian. Or Halloween, IDK. They look similar and I don't care for either. I hope there's more footage of Super Crazy in trios like this because he looks like a guy who really fits in with the sort of stuff you see in the really great lucha tags. But yeah, THIS was good.

El Dandy v LA Park (ENESMA 10/29/04)
--Park's outfit really is cool. Reminds of when Jushin Liger wore those actual anime-inspired outfit before settling on "Thunder." This has everything a good little lucha match should have and without going into depth, it's really good. Not a MOTYC like I've seen it called, but as far 2004 goes I think I prefer this to Kobashi v Akiyama.

{*} = NOTE: I wrote this before having the knowledge Antonio Pena died years ago. I feel like a piece of shit, obviously.